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Massage in Tokyo - Luxury Spa Treatments Mobile to You by Swedish Massage Tokyo

Massage in Tokyo
- Luxury Spa Treatments Mobile to You by Swedish Massage Tokyo

Enjoy Swedish, Sports, aromatherapy, Jet Lag, Couples Massage, and our ultra-pampering bespoke SPA JOURNEYS!


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Sunday, September 2, 2012



Tokyo's Most Luxurious Spa

Is in Your Hotel Room!

Enjoy the Luxury of Receiving Professional Massage in the comfort of your hotel room or private residence! Appointments scheduled Daily from 9 a.m. ~ 2 a.m. Please phone by 11:30 p.m. Please call for appointment requests within the next 24 hours. You may email us to book advance appointments.


Tokyo Mobile Phone:
From Overseas Please Dial:
{81 is Japan Country Code}

Hi there! I'm Eva- a licensed professional Massage Therapist from California, USA~ currently residing in Tokyo. Reliable, dedicated and dependable I have a Master's Degree (MS) and am Licensed and Certified  (LMT/CMT) in a wide range of therapeutic massage modalities, bodywork, healing and energy work. 

We're mobile to your Tokyo or Yokohama hotel room or serviced residence daily at flexible hours.

When you need to relax, have jet lag, insomnia, stress, muscle aches, sports injuries, chronic pain, feel overwhelmed or "blah," call me for superb, expert luxurious spa-style massage treatments and healing therapies- mobile to your door!



(50 minutes  [partial] /80 minutes / 110 minutes) A full-body massage with the highest quality organic massage oil. I start with you face-up and work on your limbs, chest and stomach, turn you over and work on the back of your legs, glutes and back . Then I do extra work where you need it most- perhaps on the shoulders and neck, on knots, and I employ various pain relief techniques as needed. This is a relaxing light to mid pressure therapeutic massage- one which has been utilized for centuries to enhance circulation and boost the immune system. I recommend 80 minutes minimum for a full-body massage.

HOLISTIC AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: ( 50 minutes [partial] / 80 minutes / 110 minutes

Similar to Swedish Massage in the way the massage progresses, but the strokes are longer and the touch lighter. Luxurious, imported lightweight, subtley-scented organic Ayurvedic oils and essences are custom-blended for you immediately preceding your treatment. Healing techniques may be incorporated as needed. This is a supremely relaxing, healing massage. You'll sleep well following this treatment.

SPORTS/SWEDISH STRETCHING MASSAGE:   80 minutes / 110 minutes, or longer by request.
This massage begins with Swedish Stretching or Yoga-style stretching, followed by  Swedish Oil Massage,  Deep-Tissue manipulation where needed- and may include Trigger-Point Therapy, NMT,  and/or Myofascial Therapy. Additional treatments may be incorporated according to your condition. This massage is customized according to the sport you practice, and to suit your condition.
Recommended for daytime- post work-out.

JET LAG MASSAGE: (80 minutes / 110 minutes) This is a comprehensive, luxurious, relaxing head to toe massage dedicated to combating the symptoms of Jet Lag. Myriad techniques are used to break up accumulated fluids which cause joint stress and pain, in order to relieve the lethargy one feels (sometimes for days) after a long flight. Lymphatic drainage and healing massage techniques are implemented to "ground" you. Regular clients swear by this treatment, and claim they sleep peacefully through the night following their session.

"P.O.S.H." (Power Of Soft Hands) LUXURIOUS COMBINATION HEALING MASSAGE: (80 minutes /
110 minutes/ 140 minutes) Recommended for those with pain, stress, or suffering from any sort of malady, post-surgery, etc. Swedish and Aromatherapy massage
techniques are combined with elements of Sports Massage, Lomi-Lomi, Reflexology, Ayurveda, Intuitive Massage and Healing Energy Work- customized just for you. This massage is the one I recommend if you want to experience the ultimate in "POSH Relaxation." Any and all modalities are included. You'll feel your muscles relax, your spirits lift and tension and pain fade away by the end of this superbly-effective therapeutic treatment.

"NIRVANA ZEN MASSAGE" (110 minutes/ 140 minutes) East meets West in absolute synergy with this unique, BLISSFUL Mind-Body-Spirit Journey. Synchronized to Zen Music, this 
head- to-toe SPA JOURNEY is choreographed  so you'll feel at one with the rhythm. You'll feel the worries and cares of the day slip away. Some clients claim they enter a state of "Near-Nirvana" during this supremely luxurious treatment.  This two hour spa journey is akin to taking a mini-break--and is luxurious to the extreme! Our most popular offering!

COUPLES (AROMATHERAPY) MASSAGE FOR TWO (50 minutes / 80 minutes) We can adjust the type of massage if you'd like- It's all up to you!
Enjoy relaxing massages together in the privacy of your hotel room. A great birthday or honeymoon gift- and a wonderful way to begin or finish your holiday!


Dedicated Back Massage:  1 hour back massage- Helps to release tension and chronic pain.

Reiki Healing: Dedicated Reiki Healing for 30 minutes or one hour- or add it onto your massage for a nominal fee.

Reflexology: Dedicated 25 minute or 45 minute Reflexology treatments available, or add the treatment to your massage for a nominal fee.

FEES: Costs vary according to your location, massage duration and type of treatment, as well as start time. Massages on weekdays which end before 6 pm are less expensive; as are appointments booked with over 48 hours' notice. Just phone us to book for same-day services. Please feel free to email us for advance reservations.
Don't forget to ask about specials which are offered seasonally.

Licensed and Certified (LMT/CMT) Massage Therapist. M.S.,  Member: AMTA & CMTA, with over 2700 hours of actual massage practice.

Techniques include Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue, Sports, Aromatherapy, Holistic, Jet Lag, Reflexology, Intuitive Massage, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Face Massage, and knowledge of other therapies such as Lomi-Lomi, Ayurveda, etc.
Our treatments are absolutely professional. We do not provide "other" services, so please don't ask.

Some Benefits of Massage When Performed by a Certified Therapist:

Increased endorphins lift spirits
Lowers blood pressure
Improves circulation
Enhances muscle tone
Reduces pain and stress
Promotes restful sleep

✿ All Profits from our practice go to worthy causes which we fund and support hands-on. Presently, we each treat just a few clients a week, so it's best to book in advance to reserve your spot!

Please phone for same-day appointments. You may email me to inquire about massages with more than 48 hours advance notice, and receive a special rate.  Our fees are generally less expensive than many Tokyo luxury hotel spas, and more comprehensive- since we treat just a few lucky clients a week. 

Click on this link (or copy and paste) to email us directly:

Namaste & Peace!


Reviews & Recommendations:

COMPEHENSIVE PROFESSIONAL CARE: (2013-2-25) I am a medical doctor, and I was impressed both by the thoroughness of the treatment, and by the information provided on the website. This lady is spectacular.  A massage with her is a true, healing experience.  SB, MD., FLA., USA

BEST MASSAGE IN TOKYO! (2010-09-04) My wife found this amazing masseuse online and treated me to a birthday massage as a special gift. Her jet lag massage is amazing. I would call her the best massage in Tokyo! --Jonathan

GREAT SERVICE- GREAT PRICE! (2010-08-31) We received excellent professional massage care at our upscale luxury hotel by this amazing massage therapist. Her fees were substantially less than that of our hotel. We slept very well indeed following our massages! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! --Bob & Katy

BEST MASSAGE EVER (2010-07-22) I felt my spirits rise, my mood brighten, and even my smallish hotel room seemed ENORMOUS after Eva had treated me.  You have got to try a massage with Eva at Swedish Massage Tokyo. --Raj

✿Please note that all treatments are absolutely and strictly therapeutic, and are performed personally by my sisters and I, as per AMTA guidelines. 
*Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with a certain "distasteful group" who are using our official corporate name -Swedish Massage Tokyo- without permission.✿

~  Discover Your Inner Serenity and Relax ~

Friday, August 31, 2012


Hotel Room Spa Massage in Tokyo Japan 
By Licensed Swedish-American Lady from 11AM until late daily.  Please book ahead for flexible earlier or later times.


Serving Tokyo's Luxury Hotels and Private Residences by Appointment Daily
Hotels Include the Following:
Massage at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Peninsula Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Capital Hotel Tokyu Tokyo
Massage at ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo
Massage at  Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo Bay
Massage at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Ritz Carlton Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Conrad Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Hilton Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Westin Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Grand Hyatt Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Hyatt Regency Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Hotel Okura Tokyo
Massage at Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Massage at The Strings Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Cerulean Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Royal Park Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Palace Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Hotel Seiyo Ginza, Tokyo
Massage at Tokyo Station Hotel, Tokyo
Massage at Oakwood Residences Tokyo

And many other venues...just phone if your hotel is not on my list and I will try to accommodate you.

Please call between 9 a.m. ~ 11:30 PM for appointments:
Tokyo Mobile: 090-7213-7770
From International Lines:  +81-90-7213-7770
Email us:
Other times may be possible with advance notice.

Please phone to book for same-day services as there are often delays with email. If  your call is forwarded to voice mail, please leave your contact number and name- your hotel name, as well as your hotel room number and a personal telephone number if possible. If you do not leave at least one of your officially-registered names, hotel operators will not connect calls to your hotel room.

Thank you very much and see you soon!


Copyright 2010-2013 by Eva All rights reserved. Do not copy without permission.
Best Hotel Outcall Mobile Massage in Tokyo Japan

Phone from Tokyo: 090-7213-7770 ~~International Lines: +81-90- 7213-7770

Thursday, July 19, 2012


✿Swedish Massage Tokyo✿
 For wellness therapy in Tokyo. We provide European-style Organic Oil Massages of all types, Holistic Massage, Bodywork, Energy Work and Healing Therapies in the comfort of your Tokyo Hotel or Serviced Residence by appointment daily-

During our meticulously customized full-body massages, you're massaged from head-to-toe, front and back. A variety of movements and techniques will be employed during your massage session- among them: kneading (Petrissage), pulling, wringing, light pummeling pounding/chopping (Percussion/Tapotement), rubbing (Friction) gliding (Effleurage), Range of Motion Stretching and Shaking (Vibration)- and when needed, specialized techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Reiki (Energy Work) and other Healing Therapies, all customized according to your specific needs and condition. Each massage I offer is a "one-of -a-kind" treatment, created just for you.

-About "Holistic" Massage-

Daily life impacts us in many ways. We are often tired, stressed, anxious and exhausted- but seldom take time to explore therapeutic forms of relaxation. Studies have proven that massage is beneficial to the entire (whole) person- thus is considered to be "Holistic." Holistic Massage has been known to enhance sleep quality, improve concentration, boost the body's circulatory system, and assists in body detoxification- which allows the body to release harmful toxins.  Massage also encourages relaxed breathing, lowers blood pressure, helps alleviate stress, and promotes improvement in mood. This type of massage is beneficial for everyone. The Holistic massage I provide consists of gentle, rhythmical stroking and kneading of the body's soft tissues- soothing tension and relaxing and balancing the entire aspect of a person- Mind, Body and Spirit. With the Holistic approach, the whole person is treated- not just symptoms. Real, positive results are achieved through the use of relaxation techniques, calming music, ambient lighting (aromatherapy candles,) proper room temperature, and most importantly- a knowledgeable,   caring, compassionate therapist. Elements of Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, as well as techniques honed from other modalities we've studied, and Bodywork are incorporated in this luxurious comprehensive massage.

One of the most important aspects of massage is that the client and therapist communicate well. If you're ill or suffering from constant fatigue or pain, massage may very well contribute to your recovery. Full body massage improves blood circulation- beneficial to vital organs and essential for healthy bodily function. When blood is supplied to areas that have been injured, repair and renewal of cells and tissues is facilitated. Repeated sessions provided by a licensed, qualified professional can help accelerate recovery from injuries. After your massage session, you will be given ample time to relax. Please allow an additional 10 to 15 minutes for each session with us. A 50 minute session actually lasts over an hour. To ensure full benefits from your treatment, you'll be asked at your first session to give relevant information about your health. This ensures we can provide a treatment which is uniquely adjusted to suit you. 

All treatments are mobile to you and are by appointment only. Please telephone for same day appointments, or you may email us with over 24 hours advance notice to make an appointment. 

Massage Treatment Preparation:
Before your massage commences it's important that you take a  long warm bath or shower.
Avoid eating for at least one hour beforehand. 
Avoid drinking alcohol  or smoking before and after.
Drink plenty of water after your treatment to assist in the detoxification process, and to prevent dehydration.

*NOTE: As effective and wonderful as therapeutic massage can be, people with certain conditions should avoid massage. If you have an existing medical condition, please consult your physician and receive permission before undertaking any type of massage. Otherwise, relax and enjoy massage with a credentialed therapist on a regular basis. Most of my clients say that once every week or two is the perfect time between sessions. 

About Me: Licensed and Certified in California, USA (LMT/CMT.) I provide professional massage and healing therapies- with well over 2700 hours of actual hands-on experience. I also hold certification and licensing in myriad massage modalities, as well as a MS Degree. I am attentive, compassionate and possess true healing energy. Clients say they feel immediately relaxed in my presence. Try a massage with me today- your body will thank you for it! Interested in booking a session?

Just give me a call anytime from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., 
7 days a week.  Appointments are available almost anytime with proper advance notice.  Please book ahead for the best availability and pricing. There are discounts for bookings with over 24 hours advance notice. You may want to email or SMS to book ahead.

Why Wait?  Please book early to avoid disappointment:

Tokyo Mobile Phone:  090-7203-7770

From Overseas-International Phones: +81-90-7203-7770

(81 is Japan's country code.)


Enjoy Massage for Better Health and Relaxation!  

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Best Hotel Room Spa Massage in Tokyo, Japan  
Phone from Tokyo: 090-7213-7770 ~
~Phone from International Lines: +81-90- 7213-7770
{+81 is Japan Country Code. }

Friday, October 29, 2010


Many of my clients ask me about maintenance between massage sessions, and about injury prevention, stress reduction,  and relaxation techniques.

One thing I highly recommend is Self-Massage performed as part of your morning routine if you can make time~ or if not, in the evening before you sleep.

I recommend deep breathing (Pranayama)  as soon as you wake up. Here is a simplified technique:
With your eyes closed breathe in deeply through your nose for a count of four, then exhale through your mouth for a count of eight.  Do this at least 3 times, just laying face-up in bed in a relaxed state. Try to concentrate only on your breathing and nothing else. This technique is excellent for relaxation.

Then, briefly check your body for pain or discomfort. If something is bothering you,  lay your hands on that area and massage it gently, concentrating on that area while consciously slowing down your breathing and keeping your eyes closed. 

Afterwards, when you take a bath in a deep, Japanese-style tub, you may work on your body further with some simple techniques. These can be done while seated during a shower, or inside the bath itself. Self-massage works to keep your skin and muscles in optimal condition, from head to toe!

As a special service to my clients I show you simple self-massage, breathing and stretching techniques during my sessions, to help you maintain excellent health and well-being.

Remember- Mind and Body are One-   Stress affects your Body as well as your Mind.  Similarly, physical pain and maladies affect your Mind and cause stress.

I will expand on this in future posts.  In the meantime- why not take time from your busy schedule for some self-maintenance- give me a call to book a relaxing massage or healing therapy today.

I look forward to seeing you soon and thank you very much for reading my thoughts.



Copyright 2010-2013 by Eva   All rights reserved. Do not copy without permission.
Best Hotel Outcall Spa Massage in Tokyo, Japan
Phone from Tokyo: 090-7213-7770 ~~International Lines: 81-90- 7213-7770